Love Them Anyways

Some say that girls attitudes can be based on how you treat them…
This can be true for a lot of us ladies. If someone doesn’t treat you right throughout your day, you get a bad attitude. If someone didn’t treat you right in the past you might cop an attitude and carry that attitude into your day, weeks, friendships, marriages, and any type of relationship & it will soon come out. Sooner or later all that bitterness, resentment, & hurt will come out in words, actions, and attitude!

Today, focus on how Christ did not have an attitude when others mocked him, spit at him, nailed him to a cross, and pierced His side. What did He do? He LOVED them! He thought how it will carry into eternity. He didn’t mope and complain on the cross, He didn’t curse someone when they said hateful things to Him. He LOVED them. He had an attitude of adoration for you + for me. We should have the same for Him & others.

XoXo, Ashley

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